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5 Easy Hairstyles to Try at Home with Hair Extensions

One of the main reasons for extensions is to get long, thick hair without having to wait ages for your natural hair to grow out. Once you’ve got all this new hair, you might not know what to do with it. Because hand-tied extensions are less bulky than other types of extensions, you can enjoy a wide variety of different hairstyles with your Ruppenzel-Esque locks without worrying about your extensions showing.
We made a list of 5 looks that you can easily try at home with hand-tied extensions. Whether you are looking for the perfect look to rock between washes or want to channel the red carpet on your next night out, there is something here for every occasion.

1. The ‘messy’ bun
Who among us hasn’t woken up and tossed our hair into a quick bun when there is no time (or energy) for a full wash and style? The messy bun is a well-loved and classic choice for a low-maintenance hairdo.
While this is a familiar look for many of us, extensions allow you to take your messy bun to new heights. More hair means more volume which on its own makes your average bun more fun.

If you want to keep things more casual you can use the frizz to play up the carefree look. However, you can also create a pretty effortlessly glam updo by opting for a sleeker version of the bun. You can also play with styling the height of your bun for different looks. Because hand-tied extensions are added to your natural hair in rows, you don’t have to worry about them showing, even with high buns and ponys!

2. Voluminous braids
There are a million ways to play with braids, especially with long hair. A simple side braid can be dressed up or down for any occasion, fishtail braids are perfect for a unique twist (no pun intended), and pigtail braids are easy to do but still look impressive. Hand-tied extensions allow you to braid your hair any way you choose, without worrying about giving away your beauty secrets. The volume you gain with extensions will look beautiful in whatever version of the braid you prefer.
Depending on how complex you want to get, there are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to braiding styles. If you have the time, get experimental and have some fun!

3. Bubble ponytail
If your regular ponytail feels a little overdone, but you don’t want to put much more effort into styling look no further than the bubble ponytail. This look is giving us serious Jasmin from Aladdin vibes and you will definitely feel like a princess rocking it. Just slick back your hair with some product, put in multiple ponytails, and then puff out the hair between hair ties for a bubble effect.
You can also play with different accessories here. If you want to use this as a fancier look, think about adding barrettes or ribbons in place of regular rubber bands.

4. A little accessory goes a long way
Instantly revamp basic hairstyles by using accessories like a scrunchie or claw clip. These kinds of accessories are great for quick hairstyling, but also for your hair health! Because they create less pull on your scalp than regular hair ties, clips and scrunchies are super hair extension friendly. They also create less heat around your head, so using them will help prolong the time you can go between washes.

5. Space buns
We looove a space bun moment. What could be cuter than combining buns and pigtails? This look is easy to execute and super cute for any day of the week.
You can choose between including all your hair in the buns, or half up, half down depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can also play with the height of the buns to see what you like best.
Either way, this look is an instant hit every time.

We hope our list has shown you that you don’t need to dedicate hours to styling your extensions. Hand-tied extensions make even the simplest styles cuter and accessible! Hopefully, we’ve given you some new ideas and got you feeling inspired to try out some new styles. While we have provided a few, the hair possibilities are endless and once you start experimenting you are sure to discover more ways to do your do.

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