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The Gym vs. the Weave

The Gym vs. the Weave

The Gym vs. The Weave

Exercising with hair extensions can pose a serious dilemma. The thought of having to wash and dry that mane after every workout can be daunting, and sometimes you just don’t have the time. So instead of asking your stylist for a note to get out of the gym, our Sax and Ro hair extension specialists have put together some tips to keep your hair looking fresh even post-workout.

Loose pony

Let your scalp breeeeeathe! If you suffocate it with a tight pony or a top knot it is more likely to get overheated and you will end up sweating even more. Instead, opt for a loose pony or scrunchy that gets the hair out of your face but still keeps your head cool. Luckily, scrunchies are in right now so you will stay on par with the latest hair trends without sacrificing your extensions.

Dry shampoo or baby powder

You don’t have to be a hair professional to know that having dry shampoo among your hair products is a must for anyone with hair extensions. While dry shampoo is a haircare staple, a secret hairstylist tip is that nothing absorbs moisture better than good ole baby powder. An added bonus of the baby powder method is that blondes who are a little overdue for toning will get an instant platinum look after just a few sprinkles!

Mini Shampoo Sesh

After more intense workouts, the dry shampoo/baby powder method might not cut it. On days when you need a more intense wash, try first separating your extensions from your natural hair as much as possible.

The easiest way to do this is by grabbing your longest extensions by the ends and gently shaking them until your shorter, natural hair begins to loosen from your grip. The more you shake, the more your natural hair will separate from the hair extensions. Once you’ve finished the separation process, take your hair extensions and put them in a low ponytail or bun.

Next, find a comfortable spot to lean over (we recommend a sink or removable
showerhead) and shampoo your natural hair, while keeping your extensions as dry as possible. Once you’ve washed and rinsed, you can blow dry your natural hair and, voila! Your hair transformation is complete, leaving you feeling and looking fresh.

Hair Perfume

If you are worried about how your hair smells in addition to how it looks after a workout, some hairstylists recommend investing in a good hair perfume. Yes, it’s a real thing! A hair perfume is a much better alternative to spraying your Chanel No. 5 on your mane, as regular perfumes are full of alcohol, which can dry out your hair and damage your extensions.

Workouts with hand-tied extensions don’t have to be a headache. Keeping these hair care tips in mind, you will be able to stay present in your yoga class instead of worrying about how much time you need to dedicate to your hair once you’re done.

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