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Everything You Need to Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Whether you are looking to change up your look with a dramatic hair transformation, want a long, luscious mane for a special occasion, or simply don’t have the patience to wait for your hair to grow out, you might have considered getting hair extensions. 

While there seem to be a million methods on the market, as hair professionals, we recommend the Invisible Bead Extension method. If this is all new to you and you have no idea what hand-tied extensions are, don’t worry!

We have created a beginner's guide to hand-tied hair extensions that will teach you all you need to know.

What are hand-tied extensions?

The hair in these extensions is woven together by hand, rather than with a machine. The result is an ultra-thin weft, or strip, of hair that when applied lays flat against your head and looks extremely natural. This natural look allows you to throw your hair in a ponytail or style it in a glam updo without worrying that your extensions will show.

Other hair extensions such as machine-tied, tape-in, or beaded extensions create a thicker weft, which can be problematic for a couple of reasons. On people with finer hair, these extensions might look bulkier and less natural. Another issue is that these types of extensions tend to be heavier, which can be uncomfortable and even damaging to your hair.

Ultimately because each hand-tied weft is given individual attention, they will end up lasting longer, making trips to the salon less frequent.

Hand-tied Extension Installation

The good news is that hand-tied extensions do not require any heat or chemicals in the application process, which will keep your natural hair healthy and damage-free. Hand-tied wefts are sewn into your natural hair in rows.

There can be up to 6 wefts per row and the number of rows you end up getting depends on your hair type and the specific look you are going for. We recommend setting up a consultation with a hair extension expert or stylist to help determine exactly what is right for you.

Once the installation is complete you will be able to keep them for around six to ten months! Keep in mind that you will need to visit the salon every couple of months to get your extensions moved up and tightened as your hair grows.

Maintenance with hand-tied extensions

If you want your extensions to last as long as possible, you will need to take care of them by using sulfate and paraben-free hair products. Stylists also recommend using leave-in conditioners and dry shampoo (on your natural hair) between regular washes.

You should also make sure you are taking steps to protect your extensions from damage when you work out and go to the beach. There are certain products and special sunscreens that your stylist can recommend to you to help keep your hair intact and looking flawless.

How much do hand-tied extensions cost?

Getting hand-tied extensions is a financial commitment. Initial installation for hand-tied extensions, which usually includes a cut and styling in addition to the application itself, can start at around $1000. Maintenance appointments will be an additional cost to factor in.

 There are cheaper alternatives on the market, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Hand-tied wefts are made up of real, healthy human hair and are sewn together one by one, by hand to ensure quality hair that will last a long time. 

How do I know if hand-tied extensions are for me?

If you are considering extensions, hand-tied is definitely a good option for people who are concerned about maintaining healthy natural hair. These are also a great option for brides or anyone who wants extensions for a special occasion since they can be easily styled.

 Keep in mind, if you do want your extensions for a special occasion, you shouldn’t wait until the day of to let your stylist know. Plan at least a couple of months in advance to make sure your hair will be perfect for your special day.

 Whether you are convinced you want hand-tied extensions or want a little bit more information, before taking the plunge, the first step is setting up a consultation with your hairstylist or a hair extension professional. You don’t need good genes to achieve your hair dreams!  

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